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The idea for Transform sprung from the minds of four enterprising entrepreneurs. With a combined experience of over 30 years in managing international gyms, this venturesome squad set sail to bring their dream of starting a revolutionary gym chain to fruition. In 2015, this dream took a tangible form through 16 functional gyms in 5 locations.

Through Transform, we help you pull out all the stops that thwart you from actualizing your dream of becoming and staying the fitter you. We know that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to exercising, which is why we focus on a tailored approach that is carefully planned considering your body, dietary needs, limitations, and injuries. Our comprehensive fitness packages include strength training, cardio, Zumba, yoga and power yoga, spinning, functional training, personal training, and diet counselling. We take workouts really seriously and for this very reason we impel you to push your fitness limits by providing you the expert guidance of best trainers and top of the line machinery.

Transform is India’s fastest growing fitness brand that works passionately to provide an unrivalled fitness experience to gym goers. All our gyms have a minimum area of 5,500 sq-ft, state of the art equipment, and committed staff of fitness specialists who are more than happy to assist our members in any way possible.


Ramesh Gajria
Director operations

Ramesh Gajria (Civil Engineer) is a builder of buildings by profession and builder of bodies by passion. His unique view of raising a building from ground up and a good eye for interiors has made Transform stand out in its own league. He prefers the finer things in life and is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of cuss words.

Nikhil Rajpuria
Director Admin & Accounts

Nikhil Rajpuria (MBA Operations) is a born and bred businessman. The brains behind the daily working of the gym, he is an official distributor for gym equipments and makes sure superb machines are fitted in Transform gyms. His eye is usually on the goal due to the bleeding effect of his time spent in the shooting gallery as a marksman.

Manoj Chheda
Director Finance

Manoj Chheda (Law Graduate) is the whole-time director of Aarti Industries, a leading chemical manufacturing firm in India. His acute sense of direction in finances insures the best investments for Transform. He is a complete bookworm, but during a festival he celebrates far harder than any Saturday Night Party goer.

Abhay Kakar
Director Legal

Abhay Kakar (MBA,LLB) has spent 18 years with multinational banks and financial institutions and has been in the leadership roles. He brings in wealth of financial acumen, execution skills and vision to make consumer business achieve greater heights. He loves to work out and go on adventurous expeditions.